“Does Governor have a mandate” Setting the Table thx Steph-well done!

Steph-. David Capasso- ‎Noel! Happy Chanukah!

I have your new email in my blackberry now- DELETING that heinous one from your former employer_- aka– The national corporate carpet bagger anti worker pathetic -always playing Gotcha! – (and then endorsing David Vitter) RAG call the TP!! I finally cancelled after 25 years! But–
I am still addicted -had to buy Sunday again -lord- get me a 12 step group ” TP/Anonymous” )

Kudos on your recent commentary today-. – well done! Telling the State Legislature-.will you Get to the table-? And how will you “dress”
John Bel is ready to SET the table- and be there!
and see which GOP will arrive!

Danny Martigny Yes
Sam Jones. YES!!
Abramson he BETTER be a Yes
John Alarrio-? Man that will be sweet!
there should be a special category ‎for former Dems turned GOP-then realized they have been fucked so long by Jindal -and his cronies-
GOP Chairman Roger Villere- ( The florist!!-
Get me some Dead flowers for your party Roger-. You are actually Pushing up daisies sir!! ).
and Bob Livingston!-the man behind Jindal and Vitter- Mr deal maker! The Karl Rove of the Bayou- I don’t know HOW John Breaux even has Lunch with the guy much less do bidness-like every week!? But My naivete –knowing-tHEY all do it- all consultants for “clients” -. Now Mary Landrieu will be faced with that choice–. But for now–

Give em HELL John Bel!!!

Wife is Teacher -and Union! Education-
Affordable Healthcare
Pro State employee
Pro workers-. (and union is ok)
Pro environment
Pro Hunting Gun Safety
Pro Life – (Democrats for Life are VERY different than GOP Pro Life sickos- period) we believe in the ENTIRE Life of all people Equally- and the privacy of doctor patient relationship needs to be respected- whether it’s a woman -or a veteran! Amen
Prison Reform-. Family of sheriffs/law enforcement

The new DOC chairman?
New DHH?
Walter Leger- amazing move- New Orleans will be well represented. Weslet Bishop %100 on board!- for years wesley would speak jindal’s name-essentially hiding from the “wrath” of Jindal‎-killing any bill from an opponent.-

Happy Holidays to you! 2016- I say—

Givem Hell Hillary! – Hey I love Bernie- but Hillary will unite the party like never before!- book it Dano!

The GOP will get %24 Latino (if that much) %95 African American ‎ %5 Labor. %95 gay -.%95 environmental _- And last but not least — women!

Who wins women vote?-. I will put my money on next woman president!-

Steph!! I will be writing!-. Blog- -articles-. Positition Papers-. -Democratic platform proposals-. Criminal Justice pamphlets and advising /consulting Medical Marijuana “clients” -in other words- . Propoals for whoever is interested – including Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain-

Maybe convincing folk like John Georges to put a Dual column together – “Progressive” v. GOP Right wing (rag) perspective-.
– Tea Party v. The Green Tea Army

– And let the games begin- James Varney and Ericson think they are soooo cool with their Grover Norquist/Ollie North‎/bashing public employe crap- bashing everything pro government-
. Hey boys- . As long as Jindal takes his public salary for the next 24 days (we are mobilizing a jazz funeral for Jindal-. Not clear how or when but say tuned) – and vitter is #1 senior Pubic official on the DOLE-. They need to shut the F- up about public employees!! ‎-. Maybe Roger Villere has a job for Jindal after Jan 1-!?–Ti love his ads on TV during sporting events ” Villere’s florist- always there for you!” ‎-while his party’s candidate for governor Mr vitter was demonizing people i(ncludng the Lieutenant Gov! ) -Love you Roger- love to debate sometime! Anytime! -love to read a column by Roger Villere!-then respond to him.-. 2016 -Bring it-.
For thev people of Louisiana– this is a moment…

Thx Steph!-. Peace. Joy-. And a Prayer for Peace!

To Alma Stewart – Health Care Governors Debate Coordinator

Fr desk of David Capasso
Attorney at Law
United Labor Unions ‎ AFL CIO
A Community Voice
NAACP Labor & Religious Committees
Justice & Beyond
First Presbyterian Church FPCNO (fpcno.org)
Great coverage in Gambit- right on! Governors debate on Health Care-. Dillard University- 630pm- . Get there early! ‎!- September 29! -. Butletsv REALLY take this up a notch shall we?

Pound it in to Advocate and TP-. The Burning Question — who will attend?
Will Vitter claim he’s “too busy” to show up- ‎?

Is. There anything I can do. To confirm each candidate’s presenceI please feel free. To contact me 504 250 4246

I am covering Justice and Beyond Weekly meeting – on 9/28-. John Bell Edwards has committed to attend -.that meeting – Folks can be there 1700 Conti- off Caliborne . 5-7pm-

‎10 / Rita-. Anniversary events are being Held on 9/24- throughout the city-.Gulf SOUTH Rising -. (Gulfsouthrising.org)- will do huge piece-. to Honor the folks who stood strong against Hurricane Rita -.The #2 punch after Katrina- If there is a PSA mentioned for each of these events ‎-Ill be glad to pass out or take the Mike for 2 minutes- anywhere- Please reach out to any and all folks doing Rita 10 events.

A Community Voice – Candidates Debate Holy Angels-. Church- St Claude Avenue- Friday 9/25 ‎-. 6pm+ Let’s make a splash to bring folks there – demand other candidates for state rep- other offices- to. attend our debate AND- put the word out to their constituency- because – YOU candidate for whatever -need to let us know who YOU believe you will have a GREAT relationship in the Governors Office- for our New Orleans State Rep and senate districts!-

Calvin Johnson – Radio show WHIV-. 102.3 FM-. PSA announement on hiss show for Debate Dillard! 9/29
‎I have emailed Judge Johnson-

Chris Rose- WHIV radio 102.3 show on. Tuesdays and Thursdays ‎ noon+. I have emailed Chris. Rose on this . I would be glad to go on any show -at any time and spread the word about attending the Gov.s debate 9/29 Dillard University –

Tiger Hammond AFL CIO- I have emailed his office -. please spread the word and invite all union members attend the debate -and please wear. Union T Shirts-! (and Scott Walker WILL NOT BE THERE!! LOL) -. Last Saturday I was at the Tulane football game ‎ and I saw hundreds of white T shirts- with “Tulane Football” on front and IBEW Electric workers union Local 130- on back! Wow! With one T shirt- we create a presence!! – amen

Dr Susan Weishar Jesuits/Loyola-. Will be cced – compassionate and progressive folks that clearly understand affordable and. Accessible healthcare for ALL of God’s people.

Big Charity Lives! We need to invite all health Care. Mental Health advocates – including all Fight for Big Charity ” Folks – including Janet Hayes

New Orleans Police. Department / Fire-and all public employees- what IS your position on health care -retirees– do you Supprt Jindal’s “vision”? How are you different? Cecil Tebo -who’s worked tirelessly for years on health care for punblic employees including the NOPD-. Has some serious. Questions for the gubernatorial candidates – She should be included – she knows ! We MUST have mental health care clearly defined and action plans stated by the candidates –

Dwight Jarrett- City of New Orleans ‎Lead Staff – – Dwight is committed to getting the word out for the Dillard Univ. Healthcare Debate 9/29 -.

OPCSO Sheriiff Marlin Gusman
OP Criminal Clerk of Court Arthur Morrell –. They should bring themselves and staff

Oschner Health Systems-. (Oschner Baptist) / throughout southeast LA including (Houma LA)-. Surely Oschner has an interest in offering suggestions and positions on health Care to the next governor of Louisiana .

Looking forward to hearing questions and input from :

Touro‎ Hospital- representative
Hospital Corporation of America ( dba Tulane‎)
Children’s. Hospital representative

Alma- is anyone reaching out to these “players”? And really- what IS their positions?

Thank you again for allowing me to participate in the pre planning for the governors Health Care Debate 9/29 ‎-.

David Capasso


Next Governor – John Bell Edwards!


President Tiger Hammond

Attached is a photo of Jay Dardenne for your pleasure-some St Charles Avenue shin dig- at the. Zoo- yeah -. –

This is to get you motivated when you introduce JBE- at the picnic-. Use it if you’d like—

Brothers and Sisters-. We are having a blast – working people- their families – we are fired up ‎! So many great folks here this afternoon-.

But there are ‎a few I don’t see—

Lt Governor- Jay Dardenne -what a man!

Hey- Jay Dardenne-. My brother David Capasso- good union man- jewish /Italian Presbyterian – said to me -. Hey -it’s cool to be Jewish- my mother’s side- and that’s cool- the BEST thing I Could say about Jay Dardenne – is he was raised by a nice Jewish family-. – — But —

But ‎Jay–. If you know your bible- you will clearly see that the “PHAROAH” Who has been sitting on his Governors THRONE for 8 years-. Is the PROBLEM!

Did you EVER say ONE WORD to your people about PHAROAH Jindal??-. Mr Dardenne? I didn’t think so !

Mr Vitter Scott- Angelle- are they here today?
what. A pair- bashing New Orleans – trashing our great city – They are BOTH against unions-against minimum wage increase- against public employees-and again won’t say 1 WORD about Gov Swindal!-.

I wonder who JINDAL will endorse?
– we can’t wait

But there’s one man-. ONE. Man- who can. Undo aLL of the horrors- destruction misery-. Caused by this Governor-. One man- who will deal with The cuts to- health care- privatization- hospital closings. ZERO care for mental illness – education GUTTED – housing? you’re on your own jobs? Cheap wages- – the environment- ‎good luck ask Obama–

It’s time for NEW Louisiana!
Living Wages
Higher Education
Great Jobs with dignity respect
Local Control of Schools
Clean safe Enviornment-
Seafood- Gulf restoration-
Support Teachers -. Union in Jefferson Parish Mr Young! How about that??

HOW DARE you bash the
Public Employees?
Jindal Gutted 40000 jobs and said it was “red tape” -bureaucracy When asked why 85% of Louisiana hates your guts– Jindal said “I had to make the tough choices ‎” but it was what was good for Louisiana… wow! With a straight face to Fox News -as he Climbs to the top of the Dead beat Polls!

We know one man who has taken on Jindal EVERY DAY of his political career-.

. On the FIRST DAY in office -.watch how this Military man- hunter- his wife is a lifelong teacher- advocate for the poor – defender of public employees- ‎ takes on The Pharoah – (Jindal should resign like fucking TODAY!!- what a great campaign – Wisconsin /Nw Jersey and Louisiana Unions/ progressive Democrats- coalitions – DEMANDING theat Scott Walker /Chris Christie and Governor Payuish Swindal – RESIGN- as of NOW! Don’t takeanother dime from our state- and DONT you DARE make another move as Governor -until the next governor is picked-

John Bel Edwards is READY!!

The question is -ARE WE READY???

Will we work? Will we fight!

The kids have. A new song called
“Shut Up and Dance”‎. I say – the words should be

Shut Up and Vote ‎! !

We have 50 days to the election- where we will BE IN. The runoff!! Amen

18 days to REGISTER to VOTE!

Without further ADO-. ‎Our friend- our brother
The NEXT Governor of State of Louisiana ‎—

John Bell Edwards!

Not bad -if I say so myself –

Dear Mayor Mitch! Thank you!!

Now THAT’S what I’M talking about
Finally! Mitch! Finally

How does it feel Mr. Mayor?- Fells Pretty good?
That’s. Taking on In justice -confronting power and hate – man -that’s Rejuvenation!

Hey – KEEP it going Brother Mitch‎! 53 days to the Governors election-. And yes Mitch- we need you to take the gloves off- for our city

Criminal Justice /Prison Reform
Jobs / Job Training
Living Wages/workers Rights- respect
Restore Higher Education
Local control ‎of schools
Honor Public Employees
Accessible affordable health care for ALL
Target Mental Illness (you tell him Cecile Tebo!)
Gun Safety- ‎ Gun Education
Charity Hospital the best future plan for our city

Mayor- it’s been a while since we’ve seen you at our Labor Day AFL CIO picnic (Monday 9/7- City Park Marconi Meadows10-5pm). ‎-.But we really want you there sir. AFL CIO President Tiger Hammond is looking forward to introducing John Bell Edwards our next Governor -I thought you could do the intro- but just being there would be awesome! Have a beer and the best burger in town!

I know Being mayor of New Orleans is a tough job- -sometimes firefighters and public employees- yes-sheriff deputies (can you and Gusman GET ALONG? Lord! Call in the feds for help!) and even police officers may take issue with some of your decisions – but – on this Labor Day 2015 – Mayor Mitch- .from the United Labor Unions Local 100/ A Community Voice – / NAACP Labor /Religious Executive Committee , and the First Presbyterian church (fpcno.org). Which turns 200 years old in 2018 -. David Capasso is saying : ‎. I got your back! –

. And Tell Brother Maurice sister Madeline and. Papa Moon- to join you!! ‎ Union yes! Living wages.!

1) you signed the City contract wage increase! $10.55/hour Plus 6 paidd sick days.! AMEN –

2) YOU led the charge to take down hateful monuments- so NO can and will move forward! That statue -that’s General E Lee-
They should knock em on his ass. –
if you ask me!
See I ain’t no Grey Coat -if you ask me
-I don’t suffer for fools-and I don’t play “Dixie”. ( Mike West “Dixie ” 1994) – amen

3) you are and have always been pro union- and pro public employee (you said in 2010 “I’ll do whatever Tiger Hammond tells me to do” amen!

4) you are starting to take on Jindal and Vitter – Yes! Keep it UP! – EVERY DAY! That Gov Swindal! ‎ Jindal said – “he had to make some tough decisions +-for the GOOD of the state- and we are better off for it.”. Jindal said that with a friggin staright face, Howabout the Mayor of NO requesting /demanding that Jindal step down- save the state the salary- jindal-you are ” SOO busy-“‎ running fo President – we not only don’t want you back here- but PLEASE keep your hands off any future decisions! Can I get an amen!?

Now help us bring a Democrat into the Governors Office -John Bell Edwards needs you-Mr Mayor. -and ALL your people+our people – a huge coalition is mobilizing -for a man who many STILL do not even know his name! -. We are going. To go nuts on Voter registration in next 22 days- and turnout for next 53 days – .

Progressive Democrats – independents- ‎ Businesses- who support New Orleans – church/ non profit folks -Lets Anti up and kick in sir!

We get JBE in the runoff and turn out. %60 -in NO- we WIN!- New Orleans can and WILL decide this election.

Isn’t it time you had an ally in Baton Rouge-Mayor? Working together -City Council- state and federal level-. What a concept!!

After what the GOP did to your sister Mary-_ the hardest working Senator on the Planet Earth for New Orleans and Louisiana and the nation. (my wife and son Nathan Luke are not too happy about Keystone Pipeline-but hey- being a senator is tough!)
Look at these names -and understand the stakes:

Bob Livingston
Roger Villere
Bill Cassidy-
Jeff Landry? ( are you frggin kidding me??!)
Do I need to say more?

David Vitter will try to duck and hide in the next 8 weeks- ‎avoiding debates- just like Bill Cassidy-same playbook- GOP wants to keep Vitter out of sight

DO NOT let him get away Big Mitch-
Confront Vitter EVERY chance! – every issue
When Vitter trashes New Orleans- voters want to see a fighter -‎that holds NOTHING back!‎ –

President Obama saw how hard you work for your city- -but for the future of the State of Louisiana-
Mr Mayor -lets finish the job! ‎ UNITED together –

The People United ‎-will Never be defeated!
Solidarity to All New Orleans Public Employees
Construction/Prevailing wage contractors
Assessors Office
Sheriff Deputies(amen!)
‎Parks Parkways
RTA/ transit
City Park
Court Employees (yes sir)
Airport employees
Yes- Cab drivers/ Transporation workers
ambassadors to our city

David Capasso
‎First Presbyterian Church
United Labor Unions Local 100
NAACP Labor/Religious Committees
A Community Voice
Green Army
Loyola Law Alumni ’96
Sierra Club
Gulf South Rising
Justice & Beyond
‎Big Easy Kiwanis


Social justice- REAL progressive DEMOCRATS in Louisiana – listen up!

A Community Union

Will support the ACORN campaign of taking something back for our communities and our members! – – taking over abandoned properties / vacant‎ lots – and Squatting! It’s Robin Hood time again- The People United…looking for consulting work with housing advocates.

Green Tea Party- Love Share Grow- looking for consulting work with Hemp companies and working to lobby on new medical marijuana law- also reaching out to Green army- (such a disappointment) wake their asses up!

John Bell Edwards- Governor-. We can start a fire with the right sparks-