Build’em up NOLA….by Organizing Workers & Community!

I have never responded to articles or comments people write about post in news or online.  But, after reading the 15+ comments of a St Louis Dispatch newspaper online article on why are these mouments being moved anyway?   The out of town  St Louis, MO. reporter,  telling about “half” the true “historic” story of the (NOW Removed ) monunents …and folks responding in unison with ” liberal mayor wasting time and $$.. .”  and/ or.. “…we NEED to keep all monuments. ..get over it.  It’s history..”    well well well.
I  thought it’s time.  Here we go!
I’m so excited to start “building up New Orleans!” – jobs- wages- education crime- community police training- equal pay for women- affordable housing and celebrating our 300th anniversary as a city! Amen! I have lived in New Orleans for 30 years- and I KNOW about history and monuments.
 My son went to NYC last week and was hanging out at COLUMBUS Circle- and the statue of Christopher Columbus; the voyager- traveler- conqueror- slave owner – and white supremacist -(who was killed by his own slaves!) – New York has made the peace between Norwegians who vow that the Vikings (not Minnesota) discovered America not the fake Italian Columbus (that is beloved by folks whose name ends in a vowel) .
I LOVE Ulysses U.S. Grant- his tomb-( in NY) and his life–  followed Lincoln..and honored Lincoln!!  even though southerners like to change history and say he was a drunk who fell off his horse.
And as far as New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landreiu goes-I took him to court! My union has SUED the cheap ass Mayor Landrieu in civil court RIGHT NOW- FOR HIS intentional violation of our city’s living wage ordinance- where our members- city hall custodians- the descendants of slaves and poor immigrants – are being paid $7.25/hr to clean his toilets!! (they are supposed to be paid $10.57/hr-but cheap ass Mitch and his attorneys found a loophole! – Mayor Landrieu– while you flush their wages into your city coffers! – lets REALLY talk about fake ass so called Pro worker? pro union? politicians- who pander to issues- as it appeals to them!)
Pay the city custodians- NOW Mayor Mitch- ! –
For 26 years I have had to see these THREE specific monuments-
#1 battle of Liberty square- #2 Jefferson Davis and #3 General Robert E. Lee- looking down on us all- These monuments were SPECIFICALLY PUT UP BY JIM CROW WHITE RULERS- TO MAKE SURE BLACK PEOPLE IN NEW ORLEANS KNEW THEIR PLACE!
#1. race riot 1874 – whites killed black police officers- city officials and took over the city for 3 days- until federal troops restored order- then 3 years later after 1876 “compromise” effectively ending reconstruction–ALL Black leaders were removed- white rule was restored and the Jim Crow ‘fun” began! – the monument was erected to those BRAVE white men who fought and DIED ( while starting the race riot) . In 1975 some ordinance was passed to change the writing on the race riot statue to say “we honor ALL who DIED that day..” how touching. Then in 1990s- someone wanted to have it removed by court order- but couldn’t- so the mayor at the time- removed the monument from Canal Street in center of town– to a secluded area behind a parking lot .
#2 Jefferson Davis- My man! – I love history and if you know New Orleans- come one down and see our history. There is a stone monument honoring Jefferson Davis.  But the one on Jefferson Davis Parkway- as we say in New Orleans– “aint der no mo..” — but if you go on 1st street and Constance -the rich garden district–you will see a plaque outside the home- where Jefferson Davis lived for 25 years after he got out of prison for being a convicted felon (a slave!) JD committed treason – a traitor to the United States! — and on 1st street in New Orleans in his mansion- that’s where he died. The statue we removed- put there in 1901?  and was put there with White rule in mind! Right after our separate but equal laws were validated by the U.S supreme court in Plessy v Ferguson-but just so you know whose in charge.  All hail Jefferson Davis!
#3 Robert E Lee never set FOOT in New Orleans!! – when the civil war started as y’all know– New Orleans surrendered like France in WWII- we wanted to keep our way of life- trade merchants – culture – (creole- and all that jazz), so the Union Army was in charge.  After the war and after the Race Riot of 1874 -( after White Rule was back in place and ..after the KKK ran the show) . White New Orleans wanted to remember the “good virtues” of the southern soldier and the ultimate gentleman Robert E Lee.  But they could have made him a statesman – or a honorable retired general of BOTH the United States and Confederate Army– but NOPE! they wanted him in uniform – 100 feet tall- towering over- watching over our city.  And THEN- they decided to have lynchings in front of Lee circle whenever the time was right! — so they would lynch (mostly black men-sometimes Chinese or poor whites) – and you could mail a post card with a lynching photo to your friends and relatives- via the US postal service !
#4- PGT Beuregard was not included in those monuments that were despised-by so many- because PGT Beauregard- the first West Point graduate from St Bernard Louisiana! The man who renounced white supremacy after the civil war– founded the Union political party for Equality! – PGT was a hero to so many poor whites and blacks who wanted to live in peace and harmony. The only problem is –he was a traitor to the KKK and white rulers who wanted to keep Jim Crow- so much so – that he was disgraced at his death; with no military honors to speak of,— UNTIL — the same time they erected Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee!!- so the Racists resurrected PGT Beauregard- put him BACK in a confederate uniform- on a horse -with a nasty scowl on him , as he glared down at your ass from his horse that looks like it will stomp on you– and this was placed at the FOOT of the New Orleans City Park- ( which was segregated until 1973!!) –
I thought it was appropriate to respond to this page and to share this with progressives and REAL pro workers folk who support Economic and social justice for ALL people— especially — the 50% of Americans who Do NOT even have $400 savings to their NAME! Pray for them lord.
Time for a CHANGE brothers and sisters!!
own a home
living wage job
quality education
quality water and healthy food
quality environment
parks green spaces
affordable transportation
 $10 cable!/internet
lifeline energy rates
affordable banking rates
 $25 phone!
$75 @ month health care bill
(including dental)  $200 deductible
free college tuition
transparency in government
complete accessibility to vote
We are all in this together!!
if you want to be part of Build’em up NOLA
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June 3 peoples assembly.
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