A Community Union

Brian-.Cooper. UNITE HERE
Ben Zucker fight 4 15
Healther Larson SEIU
Beth Butler A Community Voice
Rosa Hines – exec Dir ULU Local 100
Tiger Hammond- AFL CIO
David Capasso-. How are y’all. Doing

I met a man at my church this. Morning
– MY church first presbyterian New Orleans – fpcno.org-. Feeds and clothes and prays for about 100 people every Wednesday morning- 5401 S Claiborne – – -.

As I announced the A Community Voice Housing Jobs Fair on Sat 4/23 at OUR Church ( spread the word- bring your members- and their families!!) As I was announcing the National fast food strike 4/14- (starting @ 6am- Rite Aid- Canal /broad- )

I met a union man-in church-. Getting clothes and food

Hays Hussey -61 years young- incredible man- I met this man who has moved me to finally write y’all-. Hays Hussey- who currently works ‎in a low wage job at. IrishHouse- on StCharles-.!!?!?!??
(He has a friggin job-and is low income-sounds familiar) He is. A special man- a former AfGE member- in new Orleans East dept of Agriculture– president was Terrance Johns!!-. his mom former teacher union leader-. Mississippi  Federation of Teachers / Mississippi Education Association

Give him a call- or email him- he is DOWN for union and justice- ready to organize/mobilize and be part of the future of the largest city wide union in state of Louisiana- all of us together! A Community Union!!

Hays is a union brother that puts me to shame- a low income low wage worker at. My homeless ministry- wants to organize!! Amen!! There for the grace of God go i—
I let Hays know about fight for 15‎ about Housing-about organizing-. Hays phone # is 985 789 8623 -. His email is hayszh@gmail.com

Hays Hussey- lives where? You guessed it–. At the Salvation Army!! Paying $10 a day!!! Ya got that Brian? Heather? I know Beth Butler knows about that! I know Ben gets that!! I know Rosa Hines knows that! -. How about the national Unions. United HERE- SEIU-knowing that!?!‎-.

Let’s work together -Not just for show on 4/14-. But for justice for low wage workers

Hays has been emailed cced a copy of this-.

You heard about unknown soldiers?
Unknown low wage women?
Unknown low income children?

Well- This is the Unknown low wage worker!

From the churches to the jails-.
Please exchange information with each other -and connect with all progressive union leaders.

It’s time A Community Union!

David. Capasso