Hillary- taking on Gun Lobby; a Movement has started : it will end with 2 words- “Madame President”

I just watched Hillary in South Carolina with mothers of men slain by Police- – with former Congressman Gifford (who was shot in the head in AZ) – and you want to talk about an ACORN moment??- “women warriors ” they call themselves “Mothers of the Movement”-. It was like 1980 in Little Rock Arkansas ‎ or Philadelphia PA!

In a Baptist Church in ‎South Carolina—
Not a dry eye in the House!!!

Bernie may have wanted to say he started the
” Movement”‎- but his campaign is from Occupy! -essentially started with the “People’s Plaform” “movement” from 1978 In Memphis TN- @- ACORN’s National Convention- ; also progressive AFL CIO Labor /social Justice issues in the 90s. With John Sweeney – that we have been saying since NAFTA /CAFTA – 24 years ago- –

But Hillary— and these Mothers -Plus the Giffords (who are gun owners-2nd amendment) -. As I said. Not a dry eye in the House including Hillary!

– “Can’t touch this”

Wow! What an awesome thing 2 Democratic Presidential candidates- confronting Corporate Establishment Power with People Power ‎!

The People United Shall Never be Defeated!