Oil and gas tax bills HB 67, HB 68, HB 69

 Brad Ott – 

Cc Harry Lowenbrg. Gulf Restoration Network

        Chris Galliano

        Walter Leger III

         Marshall Hevron 

        Bradley Egenberg

         Jacque Morial 

        Mike Stagg

        Vincent Booth

         Pat Bryant . Justice and Beyond 

         Dr Dwight Webster CUBC. Justice & Beyond

        Darryl Malik Sierra Club

        Morris Reed NAACP

I Saw these bills !!  Thanks for passing it on-. I guess I’m headed to B R Monday!!  I was JUST about to get in my car head to B R on Saturday- thinking -these legislatures are hard core- working hard for the state on the weekends!- Then I saw- the adjournment until Monday- – and I can seriously understand that- having 2 soccer games to watch myself at Carrolton fields- (amidst the backdrop of our Boosters talking over! -seriously  I’m willing to help mediate)  –

I commend many in the legislature working 12 hour shifts dealing With the ABSOLUTE Mess of Bobby Jindal!! 

My Representative -my man, Walter Leger introducing over 12 bills-  very progressive stuff-. Give m HELL Walt! -. And let’s move on these Oil and gas bills- and INCLUDE a gas tax- if it’s not already been mentioned! – 

It seems too late a notice to request that we move Justice and Beyond. Coaltion  Monday evening meeting TO Baton Rouge and the Session —we would be a force-. for this IMPORTANT special session- Monday- but hopefully  will pass it on!- and get a few to come – God Willing- it 

Monday 2/22-. (My parents wedding anniversary)  5pm- what a bad time- for so many to get to B R — but Hey- with these bills— it’s could be the right time!! ‎-.

Green Army-

 Daryl Malik- 

Harry Lowneburg –

 Baton Rouge! ‎ Monday 

Let’s check in! Brad- 

I have a colleague /friend-. Navy Veteran computer wiz- – Chris Galliano he shares space in my office (650 Poyrdras Suite #2525 NO LA 70130- 504 229 5700)  – Chris  has devised an electronic Medical record system that can easily and with better ” language tha is currently used (will $$millions in savings-immediately)  can connect all hospitals- VA /Military/public and private   ‎hospitals-and he’s ready to offer it to Louisiana ‘s public hopsitals-and John Bel- as a pilot project-. I would love to get your take on it– Chris may join me in Baton Rouge-! The savings in Medical Record retrival, paperwork, delays,+ I’ll let Chris Tell you long term-. But. THESE are the ideas of the 21st century-on RUNNING Government -efficiently and correctly for the people BEFORE Profit!  Chris’. Grandfather Dr Galliano, was President of Nichols St. University- and an amazing figure in Louisiana politics – Looking forward to Having Chris Galliano Meet with Cedirc Richmond. Walt Leger and Marshall Hevron as well John Bel

Thanks for listening Brad! 

Baton Rouge– Monday. 5pm 

Givem HELL. John Bel !! 

David Capasso

Louisiana Democrat

A Community Voice


United Labor Unions

Deacon First Presbyterian Church of NO fpcno.org

Green Army

Justice and Beyond

NAACP/Labor Religious Committee

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