It’s Time to Put Sensible Tax on Gasoline Tax the Oil companies – NOT a tax on People!

TO: Walter Leger Louisiana State Representative
Lead Advocate for Living Wages ‎and Progressive Democrats‎

‎Cc: ‎
Gov. ‎John Bel Edwards

Susan Guidry My city councilwoman! ‎

Ernest Green Community activist businessman

Dr Joseph Bouie. State Rep/ Professor

Wesley Bishop-. State House

Dwight Jarrett City of NO / NO East‎-. Workers rights

Ike Spears . Attorney brilliant

John fuller- freedom fighter‎

Marshal Hevron. Atty / VFW leader LA DSCC ‎

Cedric Richmond‎. – #1 congressman in US (Steve Cohen from Memphis is pretty cool as well- Brother Cedric would agree)

Harry Lowenburg. Gulf Restoration Network

Tiger Hammond. GNO AFL CIO
Louis Reine. AFL CIO‎

Beth Butler. A Community Voice ‎

James Carvile- Ragin Cajun

Ronald Coleman OPDEC ‎

Morris Reed President NO NAACP

Joe Rome . Civil Rights attorney‎

Mike Stagg. Organizer/filmaker. Sharp strategist ‎

Jacques Morial‎ – consultant

Ed Parker. AFSCME

Dave Negretto. Teamsters Louisiana Local 270
Michael Filler. IBT‎
Sam Morris ‎ Atty IBT

Janet Hayes -mental health / activist‎
Rev Jim Vanderweghe ‎Pastor UnitarianChurch

Chris Galliano. Navy Veteran / Electonic ‎
Bradley Egenberg -Attorney for Justice

Cecil Tebo‎ Mental Health Expert- NOPD

L T Gen. Russell Honore (NO Introduction necessary
and the ‎Green Army ‎

Justice and Beyond‎
Gillespie Community Breakfast / Uniterian church‎
Brad Ott- community Leader / ‎
Dr Susan Weishar Loyola/ Jesuits ‎
Dr Christine Day. UNO‎

Brother Walt:

Today 2/11- On My birthday. (the day in 1991- when Nelson Mandela was released from Prison-) ;‎. I thought of the State of Louisiana

25 days before the Louisiana Presidential Primary – ;

while reading autobiography of Ben Franklin-

as well as EJ Dionne\\\\’s new book \\\\’Why the Right went wrong\\\\’ ;

– Ive started writing this proposal regarding the budget \\\\’crisis\\\\’ – co opted by conservatives who -. After seeing the Front Page on my birthday; NO Advocate-\\\\’Ugly budget outlook grows Grimmer\\..\\’. ‎

and all this gloom and doom on cuts in everything from higher education to.?

Public employees raises? ‎

The working families of Louisiana:

State troopers
Sewage Water Board
Parole officers
Prison Guards
Mental health Care ‎
Public Defenders
First Responders‎


Givem H E L L. John Bel!!

It\\\’s Time to Put Sensible Tax on Gasoline
Tax the Oil companies – NOT a tax on People!-

– $1.45 a GALLON!!!!‎ Carrolton -acorss from the post office -. Hey Postal employees- they are doing WELL -thanks to a Democratic congress-and a business approach to self funding- now if they can get that huge $5 billion weight off their head -to fund the pension first! But have you noticed-they bypassed the GOP cuts on Saturday- and are delivering even on Sunday!! – right on-!
(Many postal employees are veterens- Marshall Hevron and Postal Union employees can speak to that!) ‎

Let\\’s not lose this momentum!! ‎The election was about hard choices to NOT Gut our public institutions without all measures exhausted

Living wages win!
Public employees matter
Police Fire – SWB. Public defenders Yes! Even public defenders! -‎

raise for public employees-
Talk to – probation officers- (add 300+) sheriff\\\\’s deputies (add 600+) state troopers (we need to add 1000+ train them on statewide community policing ) –

Light rail

John Bel can brilliantly say- \\\\’I\\\\’m not endorsing ANY Democrat- Good Luck Hillary and Bernie- whoever gets the nomoination- you got my vote-. But now–
Help me with my budget!
Tax Oil companies

John Bell will become a national Hero!
You hear me Walt!‎