JOY to Friends of NAACP ; A Community Voice and Justice & Beyond : What a Blessing to end the year! – Good bye to Jindal – Vitter- and the Confederate Monuments- as they GO DOWN! Living wages/DBE going up! And -we can all say—–Give’m HELL John Bel!!

Ya see that statue-
That\’s General E Lee
They should knock\’em on his ass
If you ask me
Ya see- I ain\’t no Grey Coat
As you can see
I don\’t suffer for fools
And this AINT DIXIE!
Mike West \’Dixie\’ 1994 ‎

Happy Happy Joy Joy! – God is Great! . Alla Akba!
Ho HO HO! Happy Kwanza -Happy Hannukah Jesus- the reason for the season — Ya Can\’t scare me I\’m stickin with the union! – and we Refuse to Hate!

I am bummed that I missed the NAACP and. A Community Voice Christmas Parties -this evening – – but my kids last minute home work- shopping and end of school assignments got the best of me. So I thought I’d write this from the heart.

I am writing this letter to NAACP members -as well my brothers and sisters who I am humbly asking. Y’all to join the NAACP in 2016: as community organizers /union leaders‎, environmental activists- health care /social justice leaders; we are united!

At the end of 2015 -we have achieved so much- yet we know how much hard work I ahead. I asked my brother Brad Ott- if he was excited about John Bel Edwards victory- he was a bit down when he thought about the hard work ahead. ‎

Living ‎Wages for all City of New Orleans / Contracted Employees $10.55/hr plus 6 six paid personal days

DBE enacted and enforced ! If %35 of all City contracts will now go to disadvantaged local workers- -now we have a path to transforming people\’s lives to a path for full employment with dignity and respect.